#128: Share your stuff.

I find myself reminding you to share all the time. But I'm generally talking about sharing things - toys, games, books, etc. But I hope as you get older you figure out how to share your other stuff.

Face it, we all have baggage. We all build walls that block our receiving of love. The more we try to hide or disguise our bricks, the more powerful they become. It is through sharing and bringing them to the forefront that we open ourselves to receiving love. And it is through this giving and receiving that we dismantle walls.

Almost a year ago, I decided that I was ready to see God's masterpiece and I began a self(ie) love journey. Today I shared the journey with a group of women and know that by sharing my cross, I've removed the power of my demons. I've invited others to share the burden. I've invited His healing power and I continue to expect the Miracle that is occurring.

Sharing is powerful. So yes...start with your material things and graduate to your spiritual things. Start by sharing with yourself. Start this by loving yourself more today than yesterday. EVERYDAY. REPEAT.


#115: Relax.

Today the bus was 20 minutes late. I was so annoyed. I had so much to get done and we were just stuck on the corner waiting for the big yellow arrival. But, today - you reminded me of a wonderful lesson. RELAX. Enjoy life. Each minute is something special that we will never get back. So, lay in the wet grass and breathe. 20 minutes relaxing in the beautiful sun is worth a million minutes changing laundry, cooking dinner, cleaning toilets and anything else that may have been on my should be doing list. Thank you Louie.

#114: Christmastime in Florida is pretty awesome.

So there have been plenty of people who try to get us to miss northern winters - especially at Christmastime. Reminding us how beautiful the fresh snow looks and how fun playing in the snow is...but I want you to know that Christmastime in Florida is pretty awesome.

Snow (in my opinion) is overrated. It is cold and wet and makes you cold and wet. It is only pretty BEFORE you play in it or cars drive or animals pee or anything else that happens on top of it. It is too cold to truly enjoy being outside. I don't care what anyone says - the majority of good can be replaced with bad when it comes to snow. The reason grow to love it is because we are stuck in it. When we live in a snow environment, we don't have a choice but to be miserable or embrace it...so I would obviously choose the latter for our family. If we ever move north again, we will LOVE snow - at least when we have to...

 Photo taken with IPHONE6 1.5.16

Photo taken with IPHONE6 1.5.16

But for now, let's embrace Florida winter and like I said, it is pretty awesome. In fact, it still amazes me to be outside in short sleeves enjoying the decorations. I'll also admit Christmas carols seem a bit funny when it is 85 and sunny or when you are taking an afternoon swim on Christmas Eve, but let's be real - it is AWESOME and we are blessed that you are experiencing it.

#113: Eat chicken.

We are really trying to eat healthy and we want you to eat with us...and not just sitting at the same table, but eat what we're eating. We've waited YEARS (literally) for you to all be old enough to eat what we eat and now that we're there (99%), we really need you to get on board.

For the most part, you all do a great job, but there are foods that cause an immediate eruption of emotions and for you, Lyla; it is GRILLED CHICKEN. You hate it. You hate it so much that you would rather go to bed without dinner. You hate it so much that you erupt BEFORE you even get your plate. But we will continue to offer you grilled chicken - because it is good and good for you! So get used to it and make the best of it. Take the ranch dip I offer and shove it in...

 Photo taken with IPHONE6 1.4.16

Photo taken with IPHONE6 1.4.16